It's rEvolution Baby

Yesterday was celebrated the revolution war of this country, some say that the word revolution involves a battle between two different countires and some that you cannot make a revolution against your own country, it would mean that you had some sort of civil war. At least that's what some say about november 20th in my country, not many people (that's for sure), since noone seems to care about anyhting anymore, just about football (i won't call it soccer, cause it's played with our feet and legs), and parties.
So... yesterday there was a parade, that had half the city's streets and avenues tottally messed up, I didn't care enough to watch the parade over the tv... it as too cold to even think on going out.
I spend the day with my grandparents, I talked to my mother's father about the last trip I made/did/took. some sort of a surprise story, since I've never traveled alone. And well I think that was some sort of personal battle against my mother's power over me and my sister(we are the only ones living in my house, mean my mother's house), but it was entirely a way of gettin' more control of my own life, i guess.

So its revolution baby!!! well that was yesterday.

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