Healthy Chado

A child is born, let's celebrate
Lets eat popcorn!
in the hamburger fields!..

Well that's a bit of beat from a song I happen to like a lot. Mano Negra, amazing, I've been listening to them last week, and went back to better times where life was a li'l bit simplier.
I listened them on my car's stereo, it ain't the best car sound system but helps me get to school and work without trying to run over some pedestrians that wont climb up the bridges.
Today Chado had some sort of surgery since was making lots of noice, i balme it on the black star, but it was more probably because of rain, dust, and all those series of unfortunate events that came along with this season's rain and the fact that our city gets full of water and there's no escape; our sewer sucks big time.

So.. pieces were taken from him, new pieces came to make him sound quieter and nicer, it's as if was born again... I'm taking him to my weekly game at the park.

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