Thursday Street Night Football (real football)

So i went back to the valley where idol dreams come true.

Actually i didn't care if i would make a nice game back there or if will i get hurt... i just wanted to go back to that cement field, to that mesh that covers 3/4 of the entire ·field·

It was really cold those days, i was some sort of sick, but if i didn't get on my car and drove those 7 km (sorry i won't use english mesurement ever!) to get back in the middle of the action. The thought itself was all worth it, get back to the soccer that i missed so much. I had almost an entire month without even see a football (its name is football not soccer!!!).

So by the time i got there i was hoping to see, erm.. hear some kicks, a ball bouncing here and there, but it was not a pretty sight. There was just 4 other ·players· and me and the ball i brought had not much air to offer a good game. Football is all that matters, lets kick it and get rid of this cold!... that was pretty much the same thought we all had by 2222's. It was really cold, when i got out of my place it was 15ºC (again i won't transalte it to stupid ºF!) that is not a super cold temperature but still it was going down every hour, so by the time i got to the ·candy· (the name of the field obviously).

A full half hour passed and no one arrived, but when they came... well the football party started.
Night was great, i was sick but forgot the coughing the time i was playing... there were 3 teams, including mine, we won the first match, lose the second one and the third one, but when we jumped for our fourth match... well you had to be there to see everything work just fine. I think our final stat for that night was 2 - 2, so it was good... i got the chance to score both goals. And both were amaizing.

So that's for thursday street football night. I had another match today but that in other post and in other languaje.

P.S. results dedicated to a friend that always asks if i won or lose every time i go there.

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