googlemania - search yourself

So i tried once again to search for myself in google... special words and things like that.

The most impressive keyword was: Kluzterrey, since I live in Monterrey, i changed its name in my flog and there are 2 results in google that match that word.
I know anyone can invent weird words like ljoiajlanmljjud... and say they're the only ones in the web with that name.. or maybe try stuf like... ggggggoat... or hammmmburger... and as a friend of mine says: Ohh C'mon!!!.
I think my word has a little bit of that, i admit that kluzter came from cluster, but still, i have several acounts with that name, and i have found stuff over the internet thanx to never change my ·cyber· name. I think i'll never say that my name is some sort of simple invention.. well it is.. but at least i think it has more meaning than just add some weird numbers or typing several times the same letter.
Anyways... i've found pics of me thnx to google, and even old webpages that i'm not proud of, so i deleted them.
I have some fun with google, and yes, it can help with homework too. But today's discover is that one, that there are 2 pages in google that lead to me.
Im thinkin'g on changing the blog title to make it more impressive. and 'easier' to lokate trough google. anyone should try to search for themselves in google, there are some weird stuff out there about us, and even if you have not that paranoia, be a little curious its fun i guarantee that.

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mujer_violin ha detto...

yo no me encontre
me provocaste una crisis existencial ahora
existo porque soy, soy porque pienso, porque tengo idea afecto accion pero al actuar no me encuentro
son solo evidencias de mi no existencia