Street Football

Well first of all, we call our sport football 'cause its played with our foots and we kick a ball, soccer is an invention of the us so the wouldn't have to change their language... I can't accept it, so.. we play football not "soccer".

Now, this week we had some troubles because we had no ball to play with, so choices were: buy one, talk and play nothing, wait for an airplane filled with footballs to crash near the area and take one, steal one from other players that were playing in other parks, steal it from a store, etc.

We decided to buy one so the game was delayed. We still played the average 3 hours we are now used to, so games lasted up to 2 am.
I was so tired that drove directly to my home, took a bath and went to sleep; I still have some aches from this weekend; but it was worth it.

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