The Prophet

SO.. this post is dedicated to my non spanish talking friends...

I've just finished a book named "The Prophet" written by Khalil Gibran.. it was great... i was expecting it to be more complicated... as a book from Immanuel Kant, that i just had to stop reading, my mind was about to explode... This one, has a lot in common with it and with Nietzche's Zaratustra... as the way that things are exposed.

Like Kant, the use of some examples to clear out the idea that the Prophet is talking about, are very accurate... and it ain't hard to read as Kant was/is... And with Nietzche's Zaratustra... the Prophet is a loner that has a lot of wisdom... but unlike Zaratustra, he doesn't share his wisdom... he gained it from the village of Orfalese where he lived in.

He is generous, and talks of beauty and bright and dandy things around common life... unlike Zaratustra who demands the destruction of ourselves in order to give enough space for the "super man" who is better than us.

Anyways... I need now to decide which book will i read next, I'm thinkin' of The SteppenWolf (el lobo estepario) by Hermann Hesse or maybe The Prince (El Príncipe) by Maquiavelo. Then i might go back to kant or nietzche... since i'm founding great adventures in stories, and philosophy gets me tired.

I'll write some quotes for myself.. then read again. So.. that's it for today gtg.

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