War of the Worlds

Didn't like that pic a lot... i guess because i was hoping lots of reality in this Sci-Fi film. To me, the most reality you see in films.. makes them better. Well.. i dunno.. since i liked the hitchhikker's guide to the galaxy, but that one was entirely made to laugh... this War of The worlds wasn't made for that.
You havn't seen it.. and think of doing it.. well stop reading.. I don't want to spoil the film for ya.

The things that made me realize that it was just a movie and it could never happen were:

The killing machines used to exterminate human race, were buried by thousands of years... and they were broken by the tiny living creatures in rain water. I think that there are more dangreous living bacteria undergound that up in the skies, and that those machines would have never started to work.

besides... the aliens came down from lightning bolts, form clouds... where the rainwater bacetria dwell.. so... How could they survive to that exposure?.

OK lets give them that... aliens died from contact to bacteria... where did their space suits were?. I'm no alien neither a superior form of life... but if I'm to travel around space and invade another planet i would carry one of those. And even if my traveling spacheship-killing-robot was able to preserve my life, I would make sure that it would work properly in the planet I'm invading.

Another thing.. our cars work on gasoline... I don't think that any of us would burn gasoline just by the pleasure.. I mean.. alien machines worked on humans... as batteries... Why would they kill everyone?... I guess that wasn't well planned.. maybe they just got the idea a few hours before the attack.

No... wait a second... if those masterminds were here thousands of years ago... wouldn't they know the earth and living things evolve?... Come on!...

This and other tiny details.. made me view the movie as a fantasy... that would never happen... I know films aren't supposed to be all true.. but this one had those events that... well in my perspective.. shouldn't happen in movies of Sci-Fi.

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